bret-michaels-miley-cyrus-liam-hemsworth-engagement-ring-pics-gi.jpgNot only do Miley Cyrus and fiance Liam Hemsworth have the support of their families for their pending nuptials but also that of Poison front man and longtime Cyrus family friend Bret Michaels.

“[Miley’s] one of the coolest people,” Michaels tells E! News. “She’s a very talented person and I shout out a mega congratulations to her.”

Michaels had a chance to bond with Hemsworth while the rocker and Cyrus were recording her cover of “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”

“I took him on an insane ride in the Bentley,” Michaels says. “I took him in the car and we whipped up and down the [Sunset] strip very fast … You can tell Liam rocks and he’s a good dude.”

Cyrus, 19, and Hemsworth, 22, got engaged May 31 after three years of dating on and off. 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper