miley amas Miley Cyrus' 'friend' spoofs salvia bong hit in music videoYou are at a party with your friends. You see teen sensation Miley Cyrus sitting on a couch taking a bong hit of salvia and tripping out. What do you do?

A. Nothing, it’s a private party.
B. Call TMZ and rat her out.
C. Use it to try and launch a music career.

If C is your final answer, then you must be Rachael Moran, singer/songwriter, who just happened to be at the same party and is deciding to cash in on the “scandal” while the joint’s still lit.
]]>Moran and friends returned to the same room in Northridge where the original video was made in order to recreate the scene with Moran acting as a trippin’ Miley (Guess they were really going for authenticity). In a video first posted by Gawker, Moran breaks out a guitar and starts singing. Lyrics include “It looks like Liam, but it’s just Grey/And it looks like Liam or am I seeing things?/And you say he’s your boyfriend, but I’m pretty sure he’s not anymore.” So deep, right? Moran is referring to “Friday Night Lights” actor Grey Damon, who Miley confused for her (ex?)boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in the video. The song is naturally called “Miley Cyrus Bong Song.” On her website, (has there ever been a more appropriate website name than this? We think not), Moran says she’s an aspiring famous person.  “I, Rachael Moran, am more than your average singer. In LA of all places people are here to fend for themselves,” she writes. “It is my mission as a young artist (18 years old) to not only catapult myself into the spotlight, but to bring others up with me.” And trying to bring some down along the way, too? Don’t worry, Miley. We love you gurl! Watch the video here:

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