miley cyrus obsessed fan gi Miley Cyrus gives 'obsessed' fan job, a place to live with Tish Cyrus

If you’re looking for a job with Miley Cyrus, your best bet may be to be a huge fan. Miley says she’s hired an “obsessed” fan of hers for the Summer. The fan will even be moving in with Miley’s Mom, Tish Cyrus.
During an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Miley said her new employee would be helping promote her online presence. “You’ve essentially hired one of your stalkers to work for you,” host Jimmy Kimmel jokes. “Yeah, but she’s more than a stalker actually, because she’s so obsessed … She knows things about how to break Vevo records, which we did with her help.”
When Kimmel asks if Miley had to set boundaries on how often the fan can contact her, she makes it sound like the exact opposite. “I bet she gets more annoyed of me, than I get of her, cause I just hit her up all the time. I’m like ‘Yo, how we gonna make this happen? You gotta make the fans trend this, you gotta do that.'” Well, that sounds fun.
When Jimmy asks if Miley will eventually hire all of her fans, she replies, “I could help the economy a lot if I just employ everybody.” So there you go, send her your resumes.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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