miley cyrus we cant stop music video moments Miley Cyrus is 'my hero,' says 'We Can't Stop' video directorThe music video for Miley Cyrus‘ new single “We Can’t Stop” has created quite a stir, what with its bizarre and racy imagery, but for director Diane Martel, it serves a window into the inner Miley.

In an email with MTV News, Martel writes that the clip wasn’t intended to be shocking, but rather offer a sort of personal statement. “We set out to make something we would love and we did! I don’t see this video as shocking, it’s creative,” she says.

Cyrus was very involved in the creation of the video, the director says, helping Martel and her team select images from blogs and pop artists to reflect the singer’s new creative spirit. “We spoke a lot and sent photos back and forth; we spoke about her love of her close friends,” Martel says. “She is not a career-crazed kid. Her music is intensely important to her but so is her social life; [so] we spoke about the joy of tight friendships. To me, she is showing us, the audience, her playful, beautiful self, very freely. [It’s] a music video version of what is must be like to bug out and act crazy with her in real life.”

The director, who’s worked with the likes of Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Pink, praised Cyrus’ willingness to open herself up during the filming. “She’s really quite open in the video, and, yeah there is style and meme stuff going on, but her performance is very trusting and unguarded,” Martel says, praising the young singer. “She is very much alive in a way I find very beautiful. She is living in the moment and this is inspiring … Miley is my hero.”

Is Miley your hero for creating the “We Can’t Stop” video?

Posted by:Billy Nilles