miley cyrus liam hemsworth strangers paranoia premiere gi Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth 'strangers' at 'Paranoia' premiere, says source who totally knows what they're talking aboutWhen Miley Cyrus and fiance Liam Hemsworth hit the red carpet at his “Paranoia” premiere on Thursday (Aug. 8) night, it was the first time the two appeared on a carpet together in months, seemingly squashing talk that there was trouble in their relationship. But that’s not stopping an anonymous source who absolutely knows better.

According to Us Weekly‘s source, the couple was simply putting on a front. “Miley and Liam acted like they didn’t even know each other the entire night,” the source claims. “She was wearing her ring but they acted as if they were strangers.”

Even Cyrus’ numerous kisses with Hemsworth weren’t enough to fool this source, who says “they were awkward and he didn’t seem into them.” Hemsworth even shied away from questions about his relationship — more proof that he hates her, not that he wants some privacy, duh.

“On Twitter, I don’t share anything personal. I try to keep as much of my personal life to myself. I don’t feel the need to go out and show the world what’s happening in my life every second,” the “Hunger Games’ actor tells the magazine, clearly hiding his sham of a relationship. “I think it’s a good chance to connect with fans and give fans an inside look on films you do. I think it’s great for that kind of thing, but it’s very new to me.”

These two may even tie the knot just to keep people from learning they’re no longer in love. Because that’s what people do. Right?

Posted by:Billy Nilles