miley cyrus short hair haircut blonde Miley Cyrus' new haircut shocks fans: Was she 'pulling a Britney' with her short 'do?When Miley Cyrus released a photo of her hairstylist about to take scissors to her ever-present bun, she knew that her new ‘do was going to shake up her fans. After all, you don’t start a daily twitter countdown to just any old haircut — particularly not when you’re someone who regularly changes her style the way that Miley does.

No, she knew this one was going to have a drastic impact not only on her look, but on her fanbase. The platinum blonde, close-cropped haircut was a huge change for Miley, whose hair has never been shorter than shoulder-length and is usually long and aided by some serious extensions.

But let’s not go too far. When we saw these fans’ tweets about Miley’s haircut — comparing it to Britney Spears’ head-shaving meltdown of 2007 — we were surprised. First of all, Miley has been planning this cut for a while, going shorter, then blonder, and finally beginning her countdown to her date with hairstylist Chris McMillan.

miley cyrus hair cut tweets Miley Cyrus' new haircut shocks fans: Was she 'pulling a Britney' with her short 'do?Yeah, as in, the Chris McMillan, who became famous for cutting Jennifer Aniston’s iconic “Rachel” style back in the ’90s. If you recall, when Britney walked into a salon five years ago and asked a stylist to shave her bald, the stylist refused, resulting in those memorable photos of Britney taking a shaver to her own head. Miley’s move was not only premeditated, but it was facilitated by one of the world’s most celebrated hairstylists. McMillan certainly wouldn’t have put his stamp of approval on some celebrity meltdown. It would’ve been career suicide!

There’s also the fact that Britney’s shave followed a difficult breakup, a rift with her family, an unhealthy manager-client relationship with that Sam Lutfi guy who has (thankfully) faded into obscurity, and a decline in mental health so obvious that strangers tracked it. Miley, on the other hand, is on a health kick — no Frappuchino and Cheetos diet for her — has the full support of her family, is newly engaged, and told Elle Magazine that she’s in the best physical and emotional shape of her life.

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And as for trying to get attention — Miley hardly needs a hair cut for that. Her engagement news put her and Liam Hemsworth on every news television show ever. She nabbed that Elle Magazine cover without a project to promote. She’s photographed everywhere she goes, from leaving the pilates studio to scooping up her dog’s droppings on the sidewalk. If Miley Cyrus wants attention, she doesn’t need to fly to New York and pay one of the most expensive stylists on earth to take scissors to her locks. She just needs to take a walk outside.

By our calculations, Miley is right at that age when young women start itching for a new look. (Ours involved a box of black hair dye we’d rather not talk about and a cartilage piercing that didn’t last a week.) The only difference is, most girls her age only have to deal with the scrutiny of the other kids in their 8 a.m. Psych 101 class, not the entire world.

Miley is just fine. Sure, her look might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we don’t put male celebrities on crazy-watch every time they have bad hair or grow a stupid soul-patch or get a dumb tattoo, do we? Let’s let this 19-year-old celebrate her engagement, her adulthood, and the shedding of her Hannah Montana persona without starting a media countdown to her first 5150.

miley cyrus short haircut shaved head hair Miley Cyrus' new haircut shocks fans: Was she 'pulling a Britney' with her short 'do?

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