miley cyrus mohawk gi Miley Cyrus' new haircut   Her mohawk can't be tamed

Miley Cyrus takes her short haircut to a new extreme, buzzing off even more of her locks and chopping most of what little hair was left off the top. 
The “Breakout” singer already broke out of her shell by going with a punk-chic short platinum hairdo. Now, as she visits her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, at his Broadway play, “Chicago,” she sports an even punkier look with a full-on mohawk.
Cyrus, who loves to play dress-up for her Twitter fans, posted a photo of herself rocking an 80’s look with a bowler hat covering her newly-shorn scalp. The caption? “All dressed up with no where to go.” Maybe she should go to the wig shop. 
What do you think? Should Miley grow her hair back out, or is she pulling off the punker look?

Posted by:mchance