miley cyrus miley the movement mtv Miley Cyrus: on the VMAs, Britney Spears, new LP and her film, 'Miley: The Movement'
By now we figured the only way to see more of Miley Cyrus would be to be her gynecologist. Really, what could be left?
Turns out plenty. 
A documentary called “Miley: The Movement” airing on MTV Wednesday (Oct. 2) reveals an intimate side of Cyrus — but only business intimate.
That takes a moment to digest, but the 41-minute film is timed to coincide with her new album, “Bangerz,” which drops Tuesday, Oct. 8, and this is all about how Cyrus is completely focused on her career.
That means no Liam Hemsworth, no discussion of the broken engagement. Though there are some photos of her childhood and mentions of dad Billy Ray Cyrus, there are no probing interviews as in a traditional documentary. Cyrus had editorial control over the film.
What it shows is a very confident, very relaxed young artist, over the course of almost four months. The taping began before her Video Music Awards twerking and gyrating performance and features a lot from backstage that night.
She’s surprised that people are surprised she’s not Hannah Montana. She grew up. 
“I had to do something that didn’t feel like me for so long,” Cyrus says.
Now, she has come into her own.
“I needed to let go of a past in a way, so I felt I could be the bad b**** I am,” Cyrus says. 
And she is not apologetic.
“Five years ago, I thought I would be like a paramour in the band,” Cyrus says.
For most of “The Movement,” Cyrus is not the performer with her tongue out and hips thrusting. She comes across as incredibly focused and hard-working. And in the film’s most telling scene, Cyrus comes across as an unabashed Britney Spears fan.
“I always say I only want one b**** on my records and that is Britney, b****,” she says.
Cyrus is amped up when she works with Spears and tells her, “The way you have been with Madonna? That’s how you have been for my generation.”
Spears smiles as a shadow crosses her face.
Cyrus also reflects on watching the 2002 VMAs, when Spears wore the Burmese python as a boa. Cyrus was enthralled, worrying her father, whom she quotes as saying, “My daughter’s going to be a stripper.”
miley cyrus tish cyrus miley the movement mtv Miley Cyrus: on the VMAs, Britney Spears, new LP and her film, 'Miley: The Movement'
The cameras follow Cyrus in her Los Angeles home, with her dogs, and into cars, to radio stations and posing with fans. She’s usually in a teeny top and short-shorts. Her mom, Tish Cyrus, is usually in the car or rehearsal studio with her.
“Anyone who has ever said, ‘Where is her mother?’ Right beside her,” Tish says.
Her mom was next to her in the SUV that took her to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, site of the 2013 VMAs. Cyrus was supposed to transfer into a police car, but something went awry. Cyrus, already nervous before what she knew was her biggest night, was furious and cursing. But the moment she emerged from the SUV she posed for the fans and left the emotion behind.
Then she went into the arena to give the twerking performance that did precisely what she wanted.
“How many times have you seen this play out in pop?” Cyrus asks. “Madonna’s done it. Britney’s done it.”
And when everyone is buzzing about her grinding on Robin Thicke and finding innovative uses for a foam finger, Cyrus says, “I’m onto the next one. Yes, I am very comfortable with my sexuality.”
Plus, she doesn’t find that performance outrageous.
“People can look at that performance and think it’s a hot mess,” she says. “It’s a strategic hot mess. If I wanted a raunchy sex show, I wouldn’t have been dressed as a damned bear.”
Producer Pharrell Williams, who worked with her on several tracks from “Bangerz,” says, “I’m telling you, the world thinks they know this girl but my thing to you is, don’t be fooled.”
He raves about her voice, and says, “So when people are going, ‘Why is she twerking? Why is she doing this?’ Because she is a byproduct of America.”
“Miley: The Movement” airs at 10 p.m. ET Wednesday on MTV.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler