miley cyrus least influential Miley Cyrus, Paula Deen and Dennis Rodman named GQ's Least Influential of 2013

What better way for Miley Cyrus to cap off the weekend of her 21st birthday than landing on GQ’s least influential list? Miley’s had a bizarre year in the public eye, with her MTV VMAs performance, alongside Robin Thicke, being the crowning achievement. Still, that doesn’t mean she’s actually making a meaningful impact. The magazine points out that Miley’s sexing up her image is along the same lines of many that came before her, from Madonna to Alanis Morissete.
Other names on the list include Paula Deen, whose name value tumbled after some racial slurs she made went public. There’s also Justin Bieber, who couldn’t stay out of the news for dumb things if he tried, and he definitely didn’t bother trying.
Who took the top slot, though? It’s actually a surprising name. Number one with a bullet is Dennis Rodman, who magically reappeared in the public eye with trips to North Korea, where he hung out with Kim Jong-un, for some reason. In the end it turns out he went there for the TV show “Vice” on HBO, to play in a basketball exhibition game. It was one of the strangest stories in a long time and got Rodman’s name back in the press, but he didn’t do much for relations with the country. At least he got a new friend to play hoops with.
Check out the Top 10 least influential people below:
1. Dennis Rodman
2. Paula Deen
3. Anthony Weiner
4. Justin Bieber
5. Pope Benedict XVI
6. Miley Cyrus
7. Aaron Hernandez
8. Prince George
9. Angela Corey
10. Will Smith and his family
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