miley cyrus good morning america lost cracker barrel mtv gi Miley Cyrus plans to start watching 'Lost'

Miley Cyrus is only 10 years late to jump on the “Lost” trend. The popular singer plans to start watching the epic sci-fi show for the first time during her upcoming tour.

Cyrus explains her TV choice during an interview with “Good Morning America” on Monday (Feb. 3). When asked about her plans for the upcoming tour, the singer says that she hopes to play a lot of Guitar Hero and to catch up on television. It’s safe to say that Miley is a little bit behind.

“I’m going to start ‘Lost.’ I know I’m behind. Don’t make fun of me,” Cyrus says with a laugh.

What else does Miley look forward to while traveling around for the tour? That would be Cracker Barrel. “Cracker Barrel’s my thing!” Cyrus exclaims. “They’re like, ‘You want to go eat at a truck stop?’ I’m like, ‘It is not a truck stop! Cracker Barrel is the best place in the world! Don’t talk about Cracker Barrel like that!'”

It sounds like Cyrus is going to have a fun tour.

Posted by:Laurel Brown