miley 290 Miley Cyrus says goodbye to Twitter in rap songLittle Wayne, Jay-Z, even Kanye…all the big names express themselves through rap, and now so has Miley Cyrus.

The teen who caused a stir by abandoning over a million followers earlier this week by deleting her Twitter account has given a response to the world as to why she cut her ties to the tweeting world in a rap video that hit on YouTube on Friday (Oct. 9).

In one of her last Tweets, Cyrus said her current boyfriend, actor Liam Hemsworth, doesn’t have a Twitter account “and wants me to delete mine with good reason.”

But in her video, the “Hannah Montana” actress denied that her guy was the cause and says she’s fed up of the media turning her 140-character remarks into news.

“The rumors are true, I deleted my Twitter,” she raps, saying when she started “tweeting about pimples,” she’d stopped “living for moments” and instead “started living for people.”

So check out Miley living for herself…do you think her absence will make fans grow fonder or are you of the “good riddance” camp?

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Posted by:Darcel Rockett