miley cyrus grammys Miley Cyrus: Stage rushed by a fan! Watch the videoWe don’t want to sound like the grown-ups crashing the slumber party, but kids, when you go to a concert, just… stay in your seats. Or in the aisles. Or outside, near the merch tables. Do not, under any circumstances, rush the stage.

A Miley Cyrus fan at one of her recent concerts in Australia didn’t get the memo and somehow weaseled pass Miley’s considerable security to jump up on stage as Miley was taking her bows. She rushed for the pop-star — not to attack her, just to stand next to her and rejoice in the moment of… standing next to her.

Regardless of the fan’s intentions, Miley’s security (who apparently just got off their break at that exact second) weren’t having any of it. They grabbed the overenthusiastic reveler and pinned her to the stage while poor Miley stood by, gasping, “Oh my god, oh my god!” into her microphone.

Miley was then rushed off the stage, too — you know, just in case there were any copy-cats in the audience also overcome by the urge to stand next to her.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie