miley cyrus liam hemsworth 2 gi Miley Cyrus talks about sex: Is she sending the wrong message to teens?The media is abuzz today about Miley Cyrus‘s appearance on “The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet”. She spoke frankly about sex for the first time, calling it “beautiful” “magical” and “cool.” (Duh. Have you seen her boyfriend?)

She wasn’t speaking about her own sex life, but actually discussing her movie, “LOL,” which features her teenage character having frank discussions about sex with her mother (Demi Moore). Miley’s point was that sex doesn’t necessarily have to be a taboo subject between parents and their daughters, and that being open about it can lead to healthier attitudes.

Of course, the media has taken it in a different direction. Tuesday morning on CBS, the hosts of “The Talk” said that Miley had publicly confirmed that she and Liam Hemsworth are sexually active — when, in fact, she’d confirmed nothing of the sort. Sure, we can infer that from her quotes, but do we really want to spend that much time thinking about what Hannah Montana and her six-and-a-half-foot-tall “Hunger Games” hunk of perfection boyfriend do in the bedroom?

Don’t answer that.

The ladies of “The Talk” — after some rather unfortunate discussion of their sex lives, which included mention of sweaty breasts and badgers emerging from dark places — questioned whether Miley’s statements were sending the wrong message to teens. “What you should also tell aside from that is ‘Okay, this is beautiful and great, but it can also be like really complicated feelings and their could be emotional devastation to follow,'” said Sara Gilbert.

So we put it to you, Zap2it readers. Were Miley’s comments out of line? Should she be more cautious of her teenage fans (and their parents)?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie