miley cyrus robin thicke vmas u still mad Miley Cyrus twerks on Robin Thicke at the VMAs: Are you still mad?

Plenty of pop-culture stories from 2013 were fodder for public outrage. As the year comes to a close, Zap2it takes a look back at some of the biggest uproars and asks: U Still Mad?

Oh, Miley Cyrus

You began 2013 engaged to Liam Hemsworth, clothed a majority of the time, and not constantly in the headlines. The event that changed all of that came during the MTV VMAs when Cyrus began her battle to be her own person, no matter what anyone said or thought.

We all know exactly where we were when it happened: Cyrus stripped off her teddy bear leotard to reveal a flesh colored bra and underwear, donned a foam finger, and twerked on a referee-suit-clad Robin Thicke, tongue flailing about. 

It was shocking, it was appalling, and it was the only thing we talked about for weeks after the awards show aired. In fact, it was the only thing about that awards show that we even remember.

But here’s the thing: it’s not that big of a deal anymore. Cyrus has kept one-upping herself in each public appearance since twerk-gate. She’s twerked on Santa, she lit up a joint onstage, she spanks little people, and she likes getting naked. So what if she danced provocatively on a married man? Her name has become synonymous with scandalous at this point. It would be more shocking if she showed up at an event fully clothed with her tongue in her mouth.

It’s been months since the MTV VMAs, and with other Cyrus-related awards show controversies in the bag, tell us: u still mad about it? Or are you over it — along with all of Cyrus’ other antics?

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum