miley cyrus person of the year Miley Cyrus winning Time's Person of the Year poll   Is it rigged?

Miley Cyrus has definitely had a big year in her career. From the MTV VMAs performance from Robin Thicke, right on through to making cats cry during the American Music Awards. She’s become a buzzword for 2013.
Now, she’s also leading the reader poll for Time’s Person of the Year, believe it or not. If Miley really the most influential and important person of 2013? Not necessarily, as it seems the poll itself had been rigged.
The Daily Dot has posted a breakdown of what’s happening, after two programmers decided it would be fun if Miley won the poll. It includes using unique Facebook IDs, allowing votes to be cast in her favor, without the person who owns the Facebook account knowing.
Since the programming workaround has been put into play, Miley has taken a commanding lead over the person who was in first place, former CIA employee Edward Snowden. She’s also besting the likes of Pope Francis, Ted Cruz, Narendra Modi, Rand Paul and Vladimir Putin. Angelina Jolie, Jimmy Fallon and Barack Obama are also notable named on the list, with a fraction of a percentage each.
Just because Miley’s winning the reader poll doesn’t mean you should expect her on the cover of Time anytime soon. Ultimately, the magazine picks the true person of the year. Voting ends December 4.
time person of the year results Miley Cyrus winning Time's Person of the Year poll   Is it rigged?
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