“Got milk?” is over. “Milk Life” is the new dairy-loving phrase.

The first video for the “Milk Life” campaign, however, is more than a little strange. Is the change a big, milky mistake?

“Got milk?” has been the campaign slogan for the Milk Processor Education Program since 1993. From print ads showing celebrities with milk mustaches to that iconic “Aaron Burr” ad, “got milk?” spent over 20 years encouraging people to get calcium and protein from dairy products.

That’s finished now.

“Milk Life” isn’t exactly fully formed — the new slogan was just announced on Monday (Feb. 24) — but it’s first video is a little odd. Happy, active people run about and engage in energetic activities, all while milk seems to spew out of them.

It’s memorable, but it’s kind of hard to figure out what any of this has to do with actually drinking milk. Perhaps later ads will clarify the goals of the ad campaign.

Whatever the case, we should probably move on. No point crying over spilled milk!

Posted by:Laurel Brown