million dollar listing josh altman bravo 'Million Dollar Listing's' Josh Altman on Madison Hildebrand: 'Our personalities clash'

After Hollywood realtor Josh Altman replaced Chad Rogers on Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing,” we were prepared to hate him. The suits, the celebrity clientele, the fast talk – what’s there to like? 
Now, we’ll be the first to admit we jumped to conclusions. He’s not such a bad guy, makes for good TV, and he definitely handles his business. 
Altman tells us we’re not the only ones who had a change of heart about him. He gets several emails a day expressing the same sentiment.
“I think with any TV show in general when you have someone replacing someone or someone new,” Altman tells Zap2it. “There’s always going to be people who have preconceived notions of you – like when a new model Ferrari comes out. Nobody likes it at first, but then you get used to it and you think ‘wow, this is a lot better.'”
That’s not to say that his cast mates have necessarily come around to liking him. On Tuesday’s (March 15) episode, Altman and cast mate Madison Hildebrand will go head-to-head.
“If they had the best writers in the world,” Altman says. “They couldn’t come up with what’s going on. It’s all real. It’s good, but it’s real life. It’s just us being who we are. Our personalities clash. “

million dollar listing josh altman madison hildebrand josh flagg bravo 'Million Dollar Listing's' Josh Altman on Madison Hildebrand: 'Our personalities clash'

Basically, Altman is dating Madison’s assistant, Heather, and she wants to move up in the real estate game with or without Madison. So, she went to Altman for advice and he supported her decision. So after she basically delivered an ultimatum to Madison, the Malibu realtor isn’t happy and it looks like he has found someone to blame for Heather’s ultimatum.
“There’s a situation that occurs,” Altman explains “From the outside, I mean he’s not with Heather and I, so he doesn’t know what’s going on. I think that there’s a way that he thinks I have something to do with it. Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.”
“He’s definitely not happy,” he adds “And he definitely doesn’t like me.”
Either way, he says he couldn’t care less about whether Madison is angry with him. “I have no feelings on Madison,” Altman tells us. “All I care about is my deals.”
The conflicts don’t stop with Madison, Altman tells us there will be some issues with his other cast mate, realtor Josh Flagg. While the two share a first name and coincidentally both their grandmothers are named Edith, Altman tells us that’s where the similarities end with his laid-back cast mate. So, what will be the source of Altman’s problems with Flagg?
“Let’s put it this way,” he tells us, without wanting to give away too much. “Josh Flagg makes other people’s business his business.”
We can’t wait to see what goes down!
“Million Dollar Listing” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.”
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