money drop right answer 'Million Dollar Money Drop' couple invited back after show corrects itselfThe couple who lost $800,000 on FOX’s “Million Dollar Money Drop” thanks to faulty research on the show’s part has been invited back — but they won’t be getting the money they lost in the meantime.

Gabe Okoye and Brittany Mayti were the first contestants on the new game show last week, and they rolled through four of seven questions with ease, keeping $880,000 of the $1 million they were given to start the game. Then came the fifth question: Which was sold in stores first, Post-Its or the Walkman? Okoye bet $800,000 on Post-Its, which the show said was wrong.

Except it wasn’t. After a storm of online criticism over the answer (Post-Its weren’t sold nationwide until after the Walkman but had appeared in some stores first), “Money Drop” executive producer Jeff Apploff admitted the goof in a statement last week and said that Okoye and Mayti were welcome to return if they wished.

The show has not, however, offered to pay the couple anything from their initial appearance. As host Kevin Pollak notes to The Hollywood Reporter, Okoye and Mayti lost their remaining $80,000 on the next two questions. (Whether they would have bet differently with more money is an open question.)

“Million Dollar Money Drop” returns for a second run on FOX on Jan. 4, but Okoye says he and his girlfriend haven’t decided whether they’ll return. “To go through that again — maybe to lose again — that’s a lot of stress,” Okoye tells The New York Times.

Posted by:Rick Porter