million dollar drop 320 'Million Dollar Money Drop' online play along: Did it work for you?We’ll confess — we were excited about the online play-along aspect of the season finale of “Million Dollar Money Drop.” We’ve been following the show all along and, other than the fact that the show moves too slowly, we’ve enjoyed testing our trivia/deductive reasoning skills along with the TV players.

A chance to play along online with the TV players seemed like a great time. We settled in with our playing partner and were ready and raring to go. Except it didn’t really work, for several reasons.

First, our window froze after the “Wizard of Oz” question. We bet our million dollars on “Toto” and then nothing ever happened. Nothing dropped and it didn’t move on to the next question. After about 10 minutes of waiting, we closed the window.

But we have other qualms. When the question appeared, the choice screens didn’t put the choices on them. That would have been handy because you had to pause the TV and make sure you knew which screen was for which answer.

One other thing that was annoying (though we don’t know how to fix it) is that you’re trying to figure out your answers, but because you have to have the TV playing in order to see the answers, you are influenced by the on-screen players. Having the answers on the podiums in the online play-along would help that a bit. Perhaps they don’t want the answers to pop up in the online window because they were worried nobody would watch the show?

We are curious as to whether the online version worked for anybody and what you thought of it. Did you play all the way through the show on TV? Did you have to start over once the TV couple was eliminated? Or did you get to keep your total and continue with the next couple’s questions? Let us know in the comments!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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