million second quiz finale nbc 'Million Second Quiz' finale: Who won $2.6 million   and what did you think?

“Million Second Quiz,” NBC’s newest game show, finally crowned its winner on Thursday night (Sept. 19). The show continued 24 hours a day for 1 million seconds, or roughly 11.5 days, and the final two contestants were men who had been on the reality series since day one.

Andrew Kravis took a big victory over 19-year-old Brandon Saunders, winning by nearly 40 points. The pair claim to have become best friends over the past week and a half, and say that one’s victory over the other won’t affect their friendship.

Saunders became resigned to Kravis’ dominance at the end of their final round, continually opting for the “Doubler” option in the hopes Kravis would answer a question incorrectly and Saunders would instead get the points. It backfired four times, giving Kravis a big lead.

Host Ryan Seacrest confirmed NBC’s claim to make “Million Second Quiz” dish out the biggest cash prize in game show history, and bumped Kravis’ $2.3 million haul up to $2.6 million. Kravis’ only response was, “Is this real?”

So what did you think of the first round of “Million Second Quiz”? Has NBC’s live game show won you over? Vote below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz