the millionaire matchmaker patti stanger s4 320 'Millionaire Matchmaker' in New York: What to expectFirst it was Jay-Z, then “Glee.” Now it seems that “The Millionaire Matchmaker” has an Empire State of mind.  And you know what they say: “If you can matchmake it there, you can matchmake it anywhere.”

On the fourth season premiere on Tuesday, Oct. 19, we see that Patti & Co. have picked up to aid the lovelorn in New York, you know, since everybody in Los Angeles is well on their way down the aisle thanks to Patti Stanger.

There’s been debate about how different the dating scene is on the East Coast as opposed to the West Coast. Stanger previously told Zap2it that the New York millionaires are “temperamental … They’re obsessed with perfection, moreso not in the looks department, but on the resume.”

We certainly see that in the first episode with “millionairess” Bryce Gruber, a pretty 26-year-old who bears a resemblance to a brunette Blake Lively. Bryce wants perfection, even says that explicitly and then describes her tall, Jewish George Clooney ideal.

The other client, millionaire Derek Tabacco, is more of a “Jersey Shore” guy grown up. He emphasizes more than once he’s into butts, not boobs (“because anyone can buy those.”) He’s not so much obsessed with pedigree, but he does want a family-minded lady. Too bad he’s attracted to the young party girls who don’t necessarily want to settle down.

So has the show changed since moving to New York? What to expect:

  • There will be more millionairesses this season
  • According to Patti, women are far more difficult to match than their male counterparts. Expect princesses.
  • Single women to men: 5 to 1. Says Patti anyway.
  • New York is “brunette city.”
  • VP of Matching Chelsea has said adios. Enter hot intern Andreea.
  • Patti has scored herself a driver, Deshawne. We expect a witty yet heartwarming “Driving Miss Daisy” dynamic to emerge.
  • Destin is da man this season. Best quote to an older lady: “You make me want to sit on the couch and eat cereal in my pajamas.”
  • An “American Idol”-type audition in which Patti looks for singles to build her New York database.
  • A wannabe “The Situation.”
  • Bravo crossovers! We’ll see Albie and Chris Manzo (“Real Housewives of New Jersey”) and New York househusband Bobby Zarin. Jill too. Probably NOT Bethenny.
  • No mention of her broken engagement … yet in the first episode.

But as always, it’s about the schadenfreude. Feeling a little bit better about yourself because either a) You’re in a happy relationship or b) Your dating woes are not nearly as bad as those depicted on the show. Either way, Patti provides a service to the viewers at home, even with a change in venue.

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Photo credit: Bravo

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen