We catch up with “The Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger after she drops by the KTLA Morning Show on Friday morning (Sept. 3).

She’s immediately game to weigh in on our reality show obsessions, starting with her own Bravo show, which enters its fourth season this fall, her friendship with “Real Housewife” Jill Zarin, and even touching on ABC’s phermonally charged “Bachelor Pad.”

“The Real Housewives of New York City”

“Jill has been asked to come back,” Stanger tells us. “She’s very excited about the new season. She’s in England right now traveling for the holiday, and I think if fans give her a chance, they’ll see a new Jill. I think she got a bum rap. I know Bethenny [Frankel] pretty well personally and I don’t think what you saw was totally 100 percent honest and true. I know the real story.”

She goes on to say how Zarin will be going through a Ramona-style renewal and that they would make good business partners.

“Bachelor Pad”

“ABC does a good job with their shows,” says Stanger. “They put love on the map, so I’m not negative about it. I just don’t think when you put people in a house with only alcohol, nothing to listen to, no television, no getting online to read Zap2it, how much happiness can you get out of that house?”

Stanger also tells us why we should be throwing on our best sundresses/board shorts this Labor Day Weekend and getting out to meet our future significant others.

The newly single Stanger — who had broken off her engagement from businessman Andy Friedman — is looking better than ever, very slim and spry outside the KTLA offices. Apparently, besides going through dating detox and “taking reservations” for dates down the line, she’s also been focusing on her physical self. She’s lost 20 pounds using the Sensa weight loss system (which works off of “smell-ology.”

Just watch this next video and you’ll get more info on how to get a discount on Sensa, Stanger’s feelings about having kids (“I’m old but my eggs haven’t dried up completely”), what smells turn men and women on and her NBC promo for the upcoming fall spy thriller “Undercovers.”

“Millionaire Matchmaker” debuts its fourth season on Tuesday, Oct. 14.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen