Let's have a show of hands of those who were relieved that Heroes stars Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere finally split up.

Their romance has always creeped me out since it seemed like he was lying in wait for her — not just for her to break up with Stephen Colletti — but for her to become legal. Panettiere turned 18 in August 2007, and it was later that year that the Heroes stars started being seen publicly together.

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But before you label me as ageist, I'll admit that a 12-year age gap isn't insurmountable (Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are also 12 years apart). My problem is that at such a young age, Panettiere certainly hadn't achieved the maturity that helps balance out a more significant age gap that other couples face.

Let's not forget that Humphrey Bogart was easily 24 years older than Lauren Bacall when they first met and fell for each other on the set of To Have and Have Not. That's still considered one of the great on- and off-screen romances of our time.

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Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones can one-up them. He's 25 years older than she is to the day since they share the same birthday. That's a quarter of a century older.

You've also got Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart (22-year difference), Naveen Andrews & Barbara Hershey (21 years), TomKat (15 years) and Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher (also 15 years).

How old is too old? At what age does age not matter? Is age really nothing but a number?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen