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Is it possible to manipulate people so that they will do what you want? Clark and Ross Edwards have founded an entire company based on that premise in “Mind Games.”

Written and executive produced by Kyle Killen (“Awake,” “Lone Star”), “Mind Games” stars Christian Slater (Ross) and Steve Zahn (Clark) as brothers who use the science of psychological manipulation in order to solve their clients’ problems. Of course, the two men have problems of their own — Clark suffers from bipolar disorder while Ross is a con man with a past in the prison system.

Still, these problems help them get inside the human mind better than anyone else. Based on the trailer, the show seems to be a procedural of sorts, heavily influenced by the strong characters of the brothers. There is also a smattering of “Leverage” to be seen, since the company seems to have a bit of a humanitarian bent to it. If the heist and character aspects of the pilot turn out to be important to the show, this could be a fun one to watch.

“Mind Games,” premiering at midseason on ABC, also stars Megalyn Echikunwoke, Cedric Sanders, Gregory Marcel and Wynn Everett.

Posted by:Laurel Brown