Rebeccagayheart-ericdane_3_290 The tale of the not-really-a-sex-tape featuring Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart and Kari Anne Peniche has gotten even weirder with the addition of Mindy McCready to the mix.

Peniche claims that McCready, the country singer who was her roommate on “Celebrity Rehab,” stole a computer hard drive containing the footage of the birthday-suited threesome. Peniche, a one-time Miss United States Teen who was dethroned after posing for Playboy, tells TMZ that she, Dane and Gayheart made the recording a couple years ago and that there was no sex.

McCready, however, spins a different tale. In a very entertaining read in the New York Daily News, McCready says that “Kari Ann was the one that stole my hard drive and copied it to two mini-drives. She also stole money from me. I think she probably wanted to sell my music. I was the one trying to keep Kari Ann out of trouble.”

Peniche filed a report with the LAPD about her missing hard drive, but later the four interested parties and their representatives worked out an agreement to parcel out the drive’s contents, with Dane — Dr. Mark “McSteamy” Sloan on “Grey’s Anatomy” — winning custody of the not-a-sex-tape.

Still unanswered is the question of how the footage was leaked online.

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Posted by:Rick Porter