mindy project chloe sevigny mindy kaling fox 'Mindy Project': Mindy Kaling on Chloe Sevigny's 'alluring' guest gig as Danny's ex wifeTonight’s the episode “The Mindy Project” viewers have been waiting for: We finally meet Danny Castellano’s ex-wife Christina, played by Oscar-nominated actress Chloe Sevigny.

Christina first turned up at the tail end of April 9 installment “Santa Fe,” but in tonight’s “Triathlon” we’ll actually see her interact with Danny, Mindy and the rest of the core characters. Plus we’ll learn why she’s back and what she wants. (If you’re guessing it involves that letter Morgan found in Danny’s office and mailed without Danny’s knowledge, well, good guess.)

“None of us in the office really know anything about his ex-wife, so it’s like a total shock,” “Mindy” co-star Zoe Jarman teased at the show’s recent PaleyFest event. “I think it’ll be surprising in a good way.”

“To quote Ed Weeks’ character on the show it’s like, ‘We’ve heard so little about you.’ She’s a mystery to our characters,” creator and star Mindy Kaling adds, noting that Sevigny is exactly the kind of actress the writers had in mind to play the ex-wife of Chris Messina’s alpha male doctor.

“Chloe for us is such great casting for that,” Kaling explains. “There are so many beautiful actresses in Hollywood but there are very few that just convey mystery and sexiness. She’s just an alluring person. She’s very cat-like and I mean that as a compliment. She has a little bit of sorceress in her. That was very fun having an actress who already brought that to the table.”

“[Sevigny] brings such an interesting intensity,” showrunner Matt Warburton agrees. “Her energy is completely different from Mindy’s.”

mindy project chris messina ike barinholtz triathlon fox 'Mindy Project': Mindy Kaling on Chloe Sevigny's 'alluring' guest gig as Danny's ex wifeWarburton points out that’s something that Danny/Mindy shippers will want to pay attention to: “If you’re interested in ‘What if Danny and Mindy ended up together?,’ the first question you have for yourself is, ‘Could a guy who is married to Chloe Sevigny also be a person who could end up with Mindy Lahiri?’ It’s something Mindy is probably mulling over herself.”

At this point, Mindy is still very much involved with Pastor Casey (Anders Holm) and still has midwife Brendan Deslaurier (Mark Duplass) determined to woo her into a relationship. Kaling has been clear that any potential romance between Mindy and Danny will likely be a slow burn, but expect Christina’s arrival to shake up both characters in a major way.

“She’s very funny — she’s a comic character, an emotional character,” Kaling says of Christina. “A character who is very comfortable in her skin in a way that is intimidating to Mindy and intimidating to Danny. Her relationship with Mindy becomes a funny plot point in the last couple of episodes.”

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