mindy project season 1 finale cast fox 'Mindy Project' Season 1 finale preview: 5 things to watch for“The Mindy Project” closes out Season 1 tonight with a finale that continues the show’s recent winning streak. Full of dense plotting, romantic complications and laugh out loud moments, the episode co-written by creator and star Mindy Kaling and Jeremy Bronson won’t disappoint anyone who has warmed to this standout romantic comedy over the course of its first 24 episodes.

We’ll have a full breakdown after the episode airs tonight, but here are five teases of what to expect from “Take Me With You.”

1) Mindy and Pastor Casey (Anders Holm) try out Skype sex

After Casey dropped a bomb on Mindy last week — he wants to move to Haiti for a year for missionary work — Mindy is still wrestling with how OK she is with the whole idea. A disastrous attempt at Skype sex (like phone sex, but with video) doesn’t exactly help.

mindy project finale bj novak jay duplass fox 'Mindy Project' Season 1 finale preview: 5 things to watch for2) Mindy’s ex-boyfriend Jamie (BJ Novak) returns and so do the Deslauriers (Mark and Jay Duplass)

Complicating Mindy’s big decision about whether or not to stay with Casey: She’ll run into ex-boyfriend Jamie (from the show’s awesome “Harry and Sally” arc) and the ever-present Brendan Deslaurier … at Casey’s going away party. But the big question is: Are any of these guys actually right for Mindy?

3) Danny, Jeremy and Mindy team up for a triplet delivery

There’s a little competition brewing at the office as the three partners join forces to deliver one baby each for an expectant mother of triplets. It’s a minor subplot that demonstrates both how smart the show has become about integrating workplace stories into the relationship comedy and how nimble it is at balancing multiple story threads in a single half hour.

mindy project finale chloe sevigny fox 'Mindy Project' Season 1 finale preview: 5 things to watch for4) We get an eyeful of Christina’s artwork

Now that Danny is officially back together with his ex-wife Christina (Chloe Sevigny), the episode takes us inside the apartment they share together and the walls are covered with Christina’s unique black-and-white portraits of Danny. Chris Messina is one hell of a good sport. (And awesome. And deserving of an Emmy nomination.)

5) Danny and Mindy share a moment at the party

Kaling has promised that any possible romance between Mindy and Danny will be a slow burn. But that doesn’t mean that their friendship could never develop into something more. We’re not revealing anything beyond that.

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