“The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” marked a momentous occasion during it’s Nov. 7 episode that only video game fans might have noticed. Swedish game programmer and designer Markus Persson, known simply as “Notch,” stopped by Craig Ferguson‘s show for his very first talk show appearance.

Notch is known best for creating “Minecraft,” a video game that garnered millions of players worldwide while it was still in alpha version, and has sold more than 33 million copies after its various console release dates in 2011 and 2012. The sandbox indie game can basically be whatever a player wants it to be, as it has both a monster fighting mode or can be turned into a glorified version of LEGOs.

Though famous in the video game community, Notch is not a generally well known figure. That’s why his appearance on “Late Late Show” is so funny, as the two men talk about the video game industry and eat chocolate coins. Ferguson, clearly not much of a gamer, notes that he is a big fan of “Mario Kart,” but Notch shoots that down as not being a “proper game.”

“It is a game, but when you try to play it competitively it’s kind of uneven because the people who are further back get stronger power ups, and it doesn’t feel like a proper game,” he explains. When Ferguson asks him if he’s ever played “Pong,” Notch quips back, “You’re kind of dating yourself here, but yeah I have.”

As for his somewhat strange nickname, Notch explains he chose it back during his early days of playing around on computers.

“All the people using computers had all their own cool names that they made up, so I thought I needed to have one so I just made it up,” he says.

What did you think of Notch’s appearance on “Late Late Show”?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz