minka kelly charlies angels abc Minka Kelly irate after inappropriate butt slap on 'Charlie's Angels' set

In the pantheon of bone-headed ideas, this one ranks far above the rest.

According to reports, a crew member was fired from the Miami set of “Charlie’s Angels” when he inappropriately touched actress Minka Kelly on the behind. Apparently, the crew member had a $100 dollar bill in his hand while he slapped the actress across the rear. Somehow, this seemed like a good way for the crew member to introduce himself.  

We take you now into the mind of this crew worker (hypothetically, of course):

“Wow. I’d love to make a good impression on the star of this new show for which I’ve been hired to lug around camera stands. You know what I’ll do? I’ll slap her on the behind! Women always love that! Always!”

Kelly was offended, naturally, and the executives had the crew member removed the next day. But according to sources, Kelly was “still fuming about it hours later.”

We take you now to the phone conversation the fired crew member had with his father later that day (hypothetical, of course).

“Dad, I got fired! The star didn’t like me!”

“What? Did you try smacking her on the bottom?”

“Yes! That’s the first thing I tried.”

“Well, I don’t know what to tell you, Son. It worked on your mother!”

Posted by:janderson