guy fieri minute to win it 320 'Minute to Win It': Guy Fieri's got game at NBCGuy Fieri, host of NBC’s “Minute to Win It,” knows all about timing.

After all, the boisterous bleached blond chef not only has to watch the clock in the kitchen, but was just beginning to hit his groove after winning “The Next Food Network Star” when he was pitched the “Minute to Win It” hosting gig.

“My agent came back two years ago from a meeting in France and said, ‘I met a guy, a producer who’s going to produce a show, and you’re going to be the host of it,'” Fieri tells Zap2it in a phone interview. “Game show host? I don’t know. To me, that’s Wink Martindale and Chuck Woolery. But I love a good game show.”

“Minute to Win It” challenges everyday people to accomplish tasks using household objects in a minute or less. They can win $1 million if they finish 10 of these tasks on the show.

Some of the challenges include the “Hanky Panky,” pulling all the tissues out of box using only one hand, or “Bobble Head,” racking up a certain number of “steps” on a pedometer that’s strapped to your head by shaking your head.

minute to win it 01 320 'Minute to Win It': Guy Fieri's got game at NBC“We did not experience any injuries, but I did see some trained stretching going on,” Fieri quips. “I did see some proper eating taking place. No, seriously, everybody just came in and went for it.”

Fieri admires the wacky genius behind the oddball challenges.

“These cats are crazy with a capital ‘K,'” he enthuses. “I went to where they make these games. They’ve got household products. They’ve dismantled everything from lights to couches to cupboards to everything you could ever drag out of your mom’s pantry.

“One of my favorite [parts] is the name. You can’t beat ‘Junk in the Trunk,’ shaking eight ping-pong balls out of a tissue box strapped to your back with a belt. It’s hysterical.”

Check out an example of “Junk in the Trunk” and other “Minute to Win It” games in this clip:

Fieri assures us that the tasks, while fun, are more difficult than they appear. He’s tried his hand at a number of them, and fails the most with the ones dealing with ping-pong balls and accuracy. He cautions to “expect the unexpected” and that some of the most unlikely people excel at the challenges, one of the reasons why this show should appeal to such a broad audience.

“This can be a family-oriented show where on Sunday nights, everybody can get together and watch,” he predicts. “I’m going tell you what’s going to happen Monday morning: Kids are going to playing this in the classrooms, and adults are going to have water cooler Olympics. People are going to start walking around with championship jackets and bowling leagues for ‘Minute to Win It’ competitions they have down at the parks and rec center.”

guy fieri minute to win it 01 320 'Minute to Win It': Guy Fieri's got game at NBCFieri may not score with the “Minute to Win It” obstacles, but he’s got his own life timed to perfection.

“I can do my hair in 30 seconds, so I can do it twice [in a minute],” he proclaims. “Sometimes you have to do the obstacle twice like ‘Face the Cookie.’ It’s two cookies down your face from your forehead down to your mouth, no hands, in 60 seconds [on the show]. So yes, I can double-do the ‘do.”

NBC airs its two-hour premiere of “Minute to Win It” on Sunday, March 14 at 7-9 p.m. ET/PT.

Coincidentally, one of Fieri’s Food Network series, “Ultimate Recipe Showdown,” also premieres its new season that same Sunday.

Too much Fieri for one night? Not to worry. Just set you DVR. It won’t take you a minute.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen