miranda cosgrove whitedress Miranda Cosgrove accident update: 'iCarly' star tweets her fansMiranda Cosgrove, the star of “iCarly,” may have had a terrible day yesterday when her tour bus crashed into a semi and she was injured, along with the bus driver and other passengers, but at least she can always count on her fans for support.

“Thank u so much for all your messages. They mean so much to me,” she tweeted on Friday. “Yesterday was extremely scary & I’m just so happy everyone’s gonna be okay.”

“Okay” is a relative term. MTV reports that when the driver saw the semi coming at them, he had to decide whether to swerve or let the truck hit them head-on, and he decided it would be safest to take the hit. The driver was the most seriously injured when a piece of a tractor-trailer sliced through his arm. He was airlifted to a hospital, received nearly 45 stitches, and is expected to recover fully.

Cosgrove, who was sleeping on a couch toward the front of the bus, broke her ankle in the crash. Her mother was also “really beaten up,” but will be okay. Tour mates sleeping on bunks in the back of the bus were not injured.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie