miranda cosgrove ellen degeneres Miranda Cosgrove's dream guy? Zac Efron meets Shia LaBeouf meets Michael Cera“iCarly” star and high school senior Miranda Cosgrove has her mind on those usual things: college and boys. And while she’s got the college part taken care of — applications are in, she’s just waiting to here from her Top 2, USC and NYU — on Wednesday (March 9) she turns to Ellen DeGeneres to help with the other.

Buttering her host up with the compliment that she knows “a lot of great people,” the young actress says she’s open to being set up.

“What kind of guy? Shia LaBeouf and Zac Efron put together,” Cosgrove says when asked what kind of guy she’s looking for. “With a Michael Cera personality.”

“I like to set people up. I’ll be thinking,” DeGeneres promises. “The next time somebody’s here, I’ll mention you and we’ll see what happens.”

Posted by:Brill Bundy