christina miranda blake Miranda Lambert and Christina Aguilera's off screen feud: 'The Voice' raises tensionsOn camera, the competition between Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera on “The Voice” seems relatively good-natured and light-hearted, even if they do take the occasional dig at one another. But off-screen, it appears that Aguilera may have made herself an unexpected enemy. Shelton’s new bride, country star Miranda Lambert, has kicked the feud up a notch via Twitter, and she certainly isn’t holding back.

Lambert is known for her no-apologies approach — it’s reflected in the hit songs we can’t turn on the radio without hearing. While the judges on “The Voice” upped their ante with their first-ever live show on Tuesday night, they continued their ongoing ribbing via Twitter. It’s been common all season for the judges to poke at each other, and Tuesday was no different.

When Carson Daly said that Aguilera “stole the show,” Shelton added “and my wallet, HUSSY!” Meanwhile, Aguilera gave the boys a hard time about their bromance. “Was Blake just about to make out w/Adam as he sang that song into his eyes?” she wondered. Given the fact that Shelton has faced accusations of homophobia throughout the season, Aguilera’s comment may have struck a particular nerve.

At least, it seemed to with Lambert. She replied to Christina’s tweet with, “wow. Calling all males: Please relieve Christina of her obvious Frustration before things get… ugly. Team Blake rocks:)” A fan asked Lambert, “jealous bc ur husband said that Christina is the BEST SINGER HE EVER HEARD?” and she replied with “you should hear what else he says.”


Lambert also re-tweeted a fan who said that Shelton is the only judge who doesn’t treat his team like “back-up singers.”

Aguilera, for her part, didn’t respond to Lambert’s digs. (She doesn’t follow Lambert’s Twitter at all.)

What do you think, Zap2it readers? Are things getting a bit too heated, or is it all in the spirit of the game?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie