mirror mirror julia roberts 'Mirror Mirror' review roundup: 'Reflects badly on everyone involved'The first of two Snow White adaptations opens Friday (March 30). Julia Roberts and Lily Collins star in “Mirror Mirror,” which turns the tale on its head as a comedy told from the point of view of the Evil Queen played by Roberts. Another adaptation, “Snow White and the Huntsman,” starring Kristen Stewart in the title role, opens in May.

Based on early reviews, it isn’t looking like the Roberts version is the fairest of them all. Here’s a quick round-up of reviews:

In a review titled, “A Snow White That Wants to be Funny, and Isn’t,” TIME’s Richard Corliss writes, “Mirror Mirror, a tart twist on the Snow White fable, fumbles nearly every opportunity to be funny: the dialogue is flat, straining for wit it never achieves, and the pace is torpid when it should be bustling.”

“[T]he dialogue is rather flat, the movie sort of boring, and there’s not much energy in the two places it should really be felt: Between the Queen and Snow White, and between Snow and the Prince,” writes Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun Times.

In a three (out of four) star review (one of the few positive ones out there), USA Today’s Claudia Pulg, says, “‘Mirror Mirror’s’ spectacular production design, inventive costumes and sophisticated
visual flair, paired with a sweet message of true love, make for a
vividly enjoyable retelling.”

In Rolling Stone, critic Peter Travers writes, “I’ve been told the movie plays best with very young girls. That’s an insult very young girls should not be forced to endure. Who wants to see a fairy tale that weighs a ton? Mirror Mirror reflects badly on everyone involved.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson