Tabloid target Mischa Barton — wearing a Zac Posen print dress — appeared on "The View" this morning to promote her new show, "The Beautiful Life."

Right off the bat, the "View" hosts ask her about her rough summer and all those wild rumors.

Mischa sets it all straight. Ready?

]]>"It was blown out of proportion," she says, calling it "a perfect storm, everything happened at once…. I was overwhelmed," she begins to babble in a monotone voice as if reciting a memorized script. 

She says she was traumatized from having four wisdom teeth pulled, and they had to drill into her jaw, and then she got a dry socket. 

Anyone who's had a dry socket knows the intense and unrelenting pain. But still, a psych ward? Wonder if they found a foot in her mouth during the tooth surgery.

Well, according to Mischa, they admit you to the psych ward if you express anything like "I feel like I want to die" or they think you're a risk to yourself.

Anyway, enough about that. She calls the whole experience a wake-up call. 

"I got really healthy since then," she says. And she's moved to New York (with her two dogs) to do  "The Beautiful Life," a series she says is like "Entourage" set in the modeling world.

Do you believe Mischa's long-winded story about the wisdom teeth, the infections, the work and the traveling? 

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead