mischabarton thebeautifullife 290 Mischa Barton denies having a breakdownMischa Barton is speaking up about being was placed under psychiatric hold in July.

“I was down in the dumps about everything there for a while,” she tells Time Out New York. “Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom about things and have to get the most stressed-out just to feel better again.”

Barton explains she was stressed out for a number of reasons, including traveling, prepping to shoot “The Beautiful Life” and having wisdom tooth surgery that went awry.

“I went through a tough spot where everything compounded on me, and it was like a perfect storm, like everything was happening to me at once,” she says, adding, “But I had to get through it without proper painkillers because I couldn’t take those during work. So it’s been a nightmare.”

Despite being placed under involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold at Cedars-Sinai hospital, Barton denies having an actual breakdown.

“I’m not sure I’m capable of a full-on nervous breakdown, but it was pretty bad,” she admits. “It didn’t last that long. It was more about the pain. I have a newfound respect for people who have chronic pain. I started getting migraines.”

Overall, Barton is just trying to focus on her job and discusses a scene in “TBL” in which her character Sonja is popping pills, late for a modeling job.

“That was in there before all this happened! But the character references me on purpose,” she says. “I hope people will see me in it, and that will capture them from the beginning, and then they’ll buy into this character and see how she’s different. Sonja isn’t me, but there’s a great line in it: Someone says, ‘She’s at her best when she’s working.’ That’s how I feel about myself right now. I’m ready to work.”

For the full interview, visit Time Out New York.

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