mischa barton no longer it girl gi Mischa Barton 'relieved' she's no longer an 'it' girl

Once upon a time, you couldn’t open a tabloid or log onto a celebrity news website without seeing pictures of “The O.C.” star Mischa Barton everywhere. Due to the success of the show, Barton became the girl everyone wanted to talk about, from where she went for coffee, to what she did with friends.
It’s no longer 2005, though, and Barton has been out of the spotlight for some time. She doesn’t miss it, though. In an interview with the Daily Beast, the actress reveals, “I’m so relieved it’s not how it was.” “I’ve evolved a lot,” she says, “I’m a lot older now. Not a lot older, but time’s passed. I think in your 20s, all your years are quite formative. I’m sure I’m quite different.”
These days, Barton doesn’t even employ a publicist, and she’s been able to keep her personal life to herself, while the world found new celebrities to latch onto. “It’s not the person. It was the time,” she explains, “Everything was an ‘it’ girl this or “it” girl that. It was just over the top.” She realizes that level of fame carries many drawbacks. “I just think there’s a negative side – obviously, that’s an understatement – to having all that attention,” she says, “Because it’s not friendly. It’s invasive.”
With photographers no longer following her around, Barton is able to focus on living her life. She splits her time betweem Los Angeles and London, where she recently opened a boutique. “It’s a big accomplishment for me,” she says of the store. She’s also excited about her acting career again. She’s appeared in over ten smaller movies since she left “The O.C.” Her most recent work, a horror film called “A Resurrection,” also stars Devon Sawa and the late Michael Clarke Duncan.
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