Mischa Barton said no, thanks.

But Michelle Trachtenberg said yes, yes, yes.

Seems that the plum role Miss Mischa turned down on CW’s hit series "Gossip Girl" has gone to the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" alum.

Sounds like perfect casting. Trachtenberg will reportedly play "Gossip Girl" book fave Georgina Sparks, who returns to the Big Apple after a stint in
rehab, only to torture Serena van der Woodsen
(Blake Lively). The character is going to be introduced during May sweeps.

This sounds right up Trachtenberg’s alley.

"Buffy" fans will recall her character (Dawn) who staked the first guy who kissed her. OK, so he was a vampire, but still, that was pretty hardcore. And let’s not forget what a true spoiled rock star (Celeste) Trachtenberg played on four episodes of "Six Feet Under." She even told Us Weekly that creator Josh Whedon is "inspiring me to bring out my inner b—-!"

I’ll bet she lets it rip on "Girl." Make sure to carry cab money, boys!

And Miss Barton? Let’s hope something else turns up that floats your sailboat. Like maybe a guest role on "How I Met Your Mother," a la Britney Spears?


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