mischa barton oscars 2012 Mischa Barton's style makeover on 'Styled By June': What did you think of the premiere?VH1’s latest reality show, “Styled By June,” premiered Monday night, featuring stylist June Ambrose — who specializes in styling celebrities who are “in need of a style reboot.” Enter “The O.C.’s” Mischa Barton, whose roller coaster ride of fame was seriously derailed in 2006.

Barton sought out Ambrose because she was about to launch her handbag line in the U.S. and needed a fresh start with the media — particularly the paparazzi and tabloids who haven’t been particularly kind to her in the last five years.

Barton’s handbags were a point of contention for Ambrose and her assistant, who was infuriated by Ambrose’s suggestion that Barton carry handbags other than her own. Life-and-death stuff, this show.

In the end, Barton was pleased by a “positive” magazine blurb that read, “Mischa Barton, above, has cleaned up nicely thanks to stylist June Ambrose.” We’re a little confused as to why that back-handed compliment was considered an improvement, particularly given the fact that it was obviously pitched by Ambrose’s PR team.

The photo above shows Barton post-Ambrose makeover. Do you think she’s made an improvement?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie