teresa scanlan patrick henry college miss america Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan is loving Patrick Henry College2011 Miss America winner Teresa Scanlan has just begun her sophomore year at Patrick Henry College in Virginia, where the students must dress modestly and “seek parental counsel” before dating, but she tells the AP it’s a perfect match for her.

“Here, I can just be another student,” says Scanlan.

The college was founded as a place to give home-schooled Christian conservatives a place to grow as they try to effect change in government, journalism and the law. But Scanlan bristles at the idea that they are all the same.

“There’s this idea that we don’t struggle with the same problems,
that we don’t understand real world problems … that everyone comes
from wonderful, happy families, that we’re close-minded and brainwashed.
That kind of pushes my buttons,” says Scanlan.

She also says that being in the pageant circuit does not violate her morals or the morals of Patrick Henry College.

“I have never violated my conscience. I was never compromising my
morals. For myself, I have never believed it’s wrong for a
female to wear a swimsuit that would show the same amount of skin a man.
It’s a bit of a double standard,” says the youngest Miss America winner in nearly 70 years.

The next Miss America pageant is just a week away, airing live from Atlantic City, N.J. next Sunday night, Sept. 15 on ABC starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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