miss colorado Miss America 2012: Meet Miss Colorado and 4 more pageant hopefulsWelcome to the second in our series of posts introducing the women vying for the title of Miss America 2012. The Miss America Organization is giving us an early peek at the contestants via their “Vote for Your Favorite” contest and, based on the first five entrants, color us impressed.

Today we get to know Miss Colorado, Miss Connecticut, Miss Delaware, Miss District of Columbia and Miss Florida. Watch their vid clips below, then tell us who you’d like to see wear th crown on Saturday, Jan. 14 when the ladies go head-to-head (or gown-to-gown) live from Las Vegas.

Miss Colorado Diana Dreman knows how to use an iPad to scroll through pictures of herself, but we’re going todeduct points for originality since we already saw Miss California — home of Apple computers, by the way — use one as a prop:

Miss Connecticut Morgan Amerone has a bucket list and a black belt:

Miss Delaware Maria Cahill points out that no Miss Delaware has ever won the pageant and that, in the interest of freshness, it’s about time. She also includes the ability to walk in 6-inch heels among her many accomplishments:

Miss District of Columbia Ashley Boalch has some serious biceps and refused to take off her Washington Capitals hockey team baseball cap:

Miss Florida Kristina Janolo shows off her shoes. She’s got three pairs: sneakers, flip-flops and heels.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson