miss missouri moustache Miss America 2012: Meet Misses Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada and New HampshireWelcome to the latest in our series of posts introducing the women vying for the title of Miss America 2012. The Miss America Organization is giving us an early peek at the contestants via their “Vote for Your Favorite” contest and, based on the clips we watched so far, color us impressed. Or at least mildly interested.

This time we meet Miss Missouri, Miss Montana, Miss Nebraska, Miss Nevada and Miss New Hampshire

Miss Missouri Sydney Friar, who wears a fake mustache, says she’s real and relevant:

Miss Montana Veronika Ohlinger can’t sing and kind of scares us. Sorry, Montana.

Miss Nebraska Kayla Batt is competing to pay her way through college. And she can wear “boots in the field,” “sweatpants in class” and “heels on the stage,” all of which apparently make her a “woman of authority”:

Miss Nevada Alana Lee raps, but doesn’t seem to concern herself with the burgeoning Drake vs. Common feud

Miss New Hampshire Regan Hartley also raps. We didn’t say she rhymes, though:

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson