Amanda Longacre was riding high as the new Miss Delaware, looking forward to competing in the 2015 Miss America pageant in September — until officials stripped her of her crown due to an age violation. You must be 17-24 to compete in the Miss America pageant. 

While Longacre is 24 now (and will be at the time of the 2015 Miss America pageant), she turns 25 in October and apparently that is not allowed. However, Longacre says that pageant officials told her that as long as she was 24 at the time of the pageant, she was fine.

What is so upsetting to Longacre after winning and then losing the crown is that at no point in the process did anyone say a word, despite checking her driver’s license, Social Security card and birth certificate prior to the pageants she competed in on her way to Miss America.

The organization tells USA Today, “Following the Miss Delaware Pageant, it was determined that Amanda Longacre exceeded the age requirement in order to be eligible to compete, therefore, the Miss Delaware 2014 title is awarded to Brittany Lewis. The Miss Delaware Pageant is proud to congratulate Brittany and wishes Amanda the very best on her future endeavors.”

Above, Longacre tells “Today” that it’s “not fair” this is happening, as she has had to return scholarship money she earned by winning the pageants. Longacre also suspended her Masters studies in order to compete.

Longacre says she is consulting with a lawyer over the incident.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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