miss ny miss america u still mad gi Miss New York Nina Davuluri calls Miss America Mallory Hagan fat: Are you still mad?Plenty of pop-culture stories from 2013 were fodder for public outrage. As the year comes to a close, Zap2it takes a look back at some of the biggest uproars and asks: U Still Mad?

Beauty queens are known for their poise, personality and class — which is what made the drama between Miss New York Nina Davuluri and outgoing Miss America Mallory Hagan all the juicier.

It was bad enough that, after being crowned Miss America 2013, Hagan had to face critics who had the audacity to critique her body for having appeared to gain a little weight since the competition. But then, as she prepared to hand her crown over at the 2014 pageant in September, she was slammed with reports that Davuluri — who would eventually take her crown, BTW — had allegedly called her “fat as [bleep]” back in July.

Pageant organizers were quick to dismiss the claims that Davuluri had done anything wrong, claiming there was no validity to the story of a supposed tape floating around with the rude comments on it. But true or not, it must’ve made for one awkward coronation ceremony when Hagan had to hand her crown over to her replacement.

Now that some time has passed, tell us: u still made about it? Are you still angry that Davuluri took the crown after the rumors? Or did you think it was a bunch of B.S. from the start?

Posted by:Billy Nilles