miss new zealand avianca bohm Miss New Zealand Avianca Bohm could resign over citizenship scandalIt’s been a rough few days for the Miss Universe Organization — the latest scandal to come from Donald Trump‘s beauty pageant circuit involves the Miss Universe New Zealand competition, which might be forced to disqualify titleholder Avianca Bohm because she was actually born in South Africa.

According to The Huffington Post, pageant head Val Lott knew that Bohm wasn’t born in NZ, but allowed her to compete anyway for the morale of her small NZ town. The only catch was that she couldn’t win, which the judges reportedly knew.

Apparently they ignored that fact, and now Bohm is currently trying to get her NZ citizenship fast-tracked so she can compete at the Miss Universe pageant in October. Otherwise, she’ll have to resign as Miss New Zealand.

This controversy comes just one day after Miss Pennsylvania USA resigned due to alleged pageant fixing (but the MUO claims it was because of their transgender policy). Speaking of said trans policy, that came about thanks to Miss Universe Canada contestant Jenna Talackova, who was briefly disqualified but reinstated after a very loud public outcry. She eventually placed in the Top 12.

Posted by:Jean Bentley