miss new zealand avianca bohm Miss New Zealand Avianca Bohm refuses to give up crownIn yet another scandal dogging Donald Trump’s Miss Universe organization, Miss New Zealand Avianca Bohm is refusing to give up her title and tiara despite the fact that she’s not actually a citizen of the country.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the organization has delivered a letter to the 22-year-old pageant contestant advising her that she’s not eligible to represent the country and to relinquish her title ASAP. But Bohm has not yet replied. Instead, reports the Herald, she’s seeking legal advice in an attempt to keep the crown and compete in the Miss Universe pageant.

Bohm was born in South Africa and although she’s a New Zealand resident, she hasn’t yet secured citizenship.

The impression I’ve been getting … is that as long as Avianca arrives at Miss Universe with a New Zealand passport, she’s fine,” says New Zealand judge Jack Yan.

If she doesn’t secure it, though, another contestant — Talia Bennett — is waiting in the wings to take her place.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson