miss philipines usa answer fail Miss Philippines USA contestant Joanlia Lising's epic answer fail goes viral   Watch the embarrassing video

Answering the question of which of your five senses is the one you couldn’t live without doesn’t seem too difficult of a task. But for Miss Philippines USA contestant Joanlia Lising, that question was her downfall.

Upholding the tradition of beauty pageant contestant epic answer fails, Lising struggled to explain why she would choose sight as the best of the five senses. Her full answer?

“Thank you for that wonderful question,” Lising begins strongly. “If I have to pick out of the five senses, I would pick seeing, because seeing is the best sense that we can ever see, because seeing is believing, and believing into what you see is perfect. And … um … out of all those senses … seeing … would really be wonderful. Thank you, that will be it.”

Ouch. Though the presenters didn’t quite know what to make of Lising’s non-answer, the audience loved it, as evident by their laughter at the end. Video of her epic answer fail has already gone viral on YouTube, watched over 260,000 times. 

And though we can’t know for sure, we’re assuming Lising’s answer was the reason she didn’t win a prize at the contest, which finished on Sunday (Aug. 25). 

Watch the embarrassing video below:

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum