jenna talackova Miss Universe: Jenna Talackova, spurned transgender contestant, lawyers upIn March, Miss Universe Canada officially disqualified would-be transgendered contestant Jenna Talackova. But the decision may be in question now that Talackova is seeking legal help.

“Miss Talackova has now retained legal counsel in both Canada and the United States,” a spokesperson for the 23-year-old Vancouver native tells RadarOnline.

Talackova was born a boy but underwent sex reassignment surgery when she was 19. Even though Miss Universe officials acknowledged that she is a “real girl,” she was disqualified because rules apparently stipulate that all contestants be “naturally born female.”

“Jenna is deeply humbled by the overwhelming support she has received, and the important attention to trans issues that her situation has catalyzed. She understandably realizes that her case could be a significant landmark for the dignity and liberty of LGBTQ citizens everywhere,” the statement continues.

“The Miss Universe Pageant is about beauty, but it is also about values. We ask Mr. Trump, and the Miss Universe Pageant stakeholders, to be on the right side of history, and reconsider their decision to disqualify Jenna on the basis of not being a ‘naturally born female,’ and accept Jenna as the brave young woman she clearly is today.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson