miss california usa 320 Miss USA 2010: Miss California Nicole Michele Johnson odds on favoriteIn honor of the mass betting in Vegas that took place for Saturday’s (May 15) Preakness, Zap2it decided to take a look at the odds for the 59th Annual Miss USA Pageant.

Vegas odds have Miss California (Nicole Michele Johnson) as the favorite to take home the crown at 3/1.

The 24-year-old brunette beauty from Westlake Village, CA currently works for Mercedes Benz and was recently promoted to Finance Assistant at her dealership. But all work will be put aside Sunday when she competes for the title at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas 

Other top contenders in Vegas include Miss Texas (Kelsey Moore) as the second betting choice at 15/2 odds. The Midwest has Miss Oklahoma (Morgan Elizabeth Woolard) and Miss Nebraska (Belinda Wright) tied as 8/1 choices. Miss Idaho (Jessica Cathleen Hellwinkel) and Miss Wisconsin (Courtney Lopez) also have a good shot at 10/1 odds.

The East Coast doesn’t fare as well, with its top contenders being Miss Pennsylvania (Gina Cerilli) at 22/1 odds, Miss Florida (Megan Clementi) at 23/1, and Miss Rhode Island (Kristina Primavera) at 29/1.

Whom would YOU bet on to win?

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