ashleigh blake miss usa oral sex lawsuit Miss USA hopeful Ashleigh Blake sues Miss Universe over oral sex demand

A Miss USA hopeful named Ashleigh Blake has filed a lawsuit against the Miss Universe Organization after a recruiter tried to coerce her into performing oral sex on him. Her suit claims that MUO knowingly hires “scam artists” to try to recruit naïve women with promises of fame and modeling gigs.

TMZ has seen the suit, which shows Blake is looking for at least $200,000 in damages. She recalls an incident where a recruiter who promised her modeling contracts and a magazine cover took her into his car and told him she’d need to give him a oral sex to put her on the fast track in the modeling world and help launch her career.

Blake’s story was made public back in March after she posted a YouTube video about the incident and Jezebel ran an in-depth story. At the time she explained her situation in detail, and Jezebel dug deeper into some of the seedier aspects of the organization that tried to recruit Blake. 

The man who recruited her, Domingo Rodriguez, was employed by K2 Productions’ official recruitment and marketing arm, Chase the Crown. It was that affiliation that made Blake feel confident enough to have him act as her advisor, though that changed when he asked her to perform an “oral contract” on him in his car.

“Basically, I had to give him head and other ‘sexual favors’ if I wanted to be on the cover of the magazine,” Blake claimed to Jezebel. She said Rodriguez explained this was the “‘fast track’ that 90 percent of all successful actors and models took to the top.” 

When Rodriguez spoke to Jezebel, he denied asking her for a oral sex but did say he told Blake he knew a magazine where “young ladies can get on the cover if they do some type of sexual favors with the people at the magazine,” and that one girl who took that option is “doing very well.”

At the time, when Blake went to police, they said they couldn’t do anything because Rodriguez didn’t force her to have sex with him. She did contact Chase the Crown about the incident and Keith Lewis, the State Director for Miss California USA and Miss California Teen USA, said he had relieved Rodriguez of his recruitment responsibilities.

The Miss Universe Organization has not publicly responded to this lawsuit.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz